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​WWE Supercard is a video game based on WWE. Players buy cards featuring WWE players and create a card deck. From this deck, you can build your strategic game of trying to dominate and build the strength of your team by acquiring stronger rarer cards.

WWE Supercard is very engaging. With this, comes the need to win and dominate other players. Wherefore, you need stronger cards and extra garb to make your card deck a force to reckon with. In comes Credits.

About Credits

Credits are the currency used to purchase anything regarding WWE Supercard. But what if you don’t want to spend money buying Credits? Are there ways to acquire Credits without spending your hard-earned cash?

Well, Yes!

We will discuss the best ways to acquire free Credits so you can buy as many WWE Supercards as you want.

Ways to Get Free WWE Supercard Credits

Method 1: Free WWE Supercard Generator

Ours is the best WWE Supercard Hack in the market. We employed the services of gaming experts with loads of research to create an unlimited credits for you!

You can easily generate tons of Credits by clicking the button and thanks to our User-friendly System and automatic update feature.

How to use our Free WWE Supercard Generator

Our Free WWE Supercard Cheat is super simple to use and here is how.

  • Click on the Generate Button above.

  • On the resulting website, enter your username, your type of gaming device and the number of Credits you want in their respective boxes.

  • Click on “Generate”.

  • Your Credits will be generated and all that remains is for you to update them into your account.

Why Trust Us?

You are probably asking yourself why you should trust us when there are so many bogus Generators in the market. Here is why

  • As earlier stated, our generator is a product of extensive research from gaming experts.

  • We have the easiest and friendliest operating system usable by both greenhorns and veterans. This means you don’t have to know much about programming to be able to access and successfully use our generator.

  • We added an undefeatable Anti-Ban Feature which protects your account from search engines. This way, you will never be banned for using our free WWE Supercard Credits.

  • Our generator is absolutely free of viruses and bugs.

  • We have no geo-restrictions when using our generator. This means you can obtain your Free WWE Supercard Credits from anywhere in the world.

  • You can use our free WWE Supercard Tool as many times as you please.

Rule of Thumb: In the rare event that the Free Credits don’t update, try again. Sometimes our Generator may experience laxity from being accessed by so many people at the same time from many locations around the world.

Method 2: Earn Gift Cards from Reward Sites

Third-party reward websites have become a great resource for earning free WWE Supercard credits. By joining these websites and completing a few tasks, you can earn reward points which translate to Gift Cards.

Some of the activities on these reward websites include watching videos, taking surveys, and downloading various Apps. You can earn enough points to get a Free Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play Card.

We recommend MyFreeApps, AppBounty, and CashForApps as a good place to start.

In case you are worried about how long it takes to earn enough points to qualify for a free Gift Card, don’t be. It all depends on you. If you sign in everyday and complete 10 tasks each day, it shouldn’t take you more than a week to earn enough points for a $15 Google Play Card.

After you get your free Amazon, iTunes or Google Play Gift Card, use it to make WWE Supercard in-app purchases for any Card you would like.

Other Ways to Earn Free WWE Supercard Credits

As earlier stated, WWE Supercard is a very engaging game. With this in mind, you can expect many fun ways to earn the different types of cards and credits pertaining to the game.

Granted, these cards and credits are not easy to come by. They take a good chunk of creativity and strategy to know what to do and when to do it to maximize your earnings.

WWE Supercard Cheats

  • Engage in Battles

Battles are a great way to earn cards. After every battle, you are presented with Draft Picks. Winners get 4 draft picks while losers get 2. Typically, these draft picks contain common and uncommon cards but on rare occasions, you may find a rare card or even a very rare card.

  • In-App Advertisements

WWE Supercard is lousy with in-App advertisements that you need to pay attention to. Look out for promotional content that features watching videos usually offered up after every battle. For each, you can earn up to 4 additional draft picks. If you can, watch as many of these videos as possible so you can earn maximum draft picks.

Or, just use our incredible Free WWE Supercard Hack to earn Credits for free!

  • Upgrade and Fuse your Cards to Boost Deck Strength

Ardent WWE Supercard players know the importance of strength in a deck. The strength of a Card can only be upgraded by use of another card. For example, if you have 2 or more similar cards, you can use the surplus cards to build the strength of one.

Also, consider using the Fusion Option. If you “play” your cards right, fusing two cards can boost the strength of both cards, but you have to be careful and know exactly what you’re doing.

Rule of Thumb: This Cheat is great because it enables you to max out the cards without much difficulty.

  • Collect a wide variety of Cards

WWE Supercard is a game of strategy and strength. It is, therefore, no surprise that having a vast array of cards puts you at an advantage.

Use our tool to purchase as many cards as you want.

Just as important, know how to manage your deck. Do not ignore the often-overlooked Men and Divas Cards. These play a crucial role in ensuring that your more important Cards are accessible when you need them.

  • Pay attention to the Stats

During Battle, Card Stats go a long way in determining who will be the victor. Stats include Power, Speed, Charisma, and Strength. Before you engage, ensure you check out the kind of Stats that are required for that particular battle and ensure you have enough of it. For example, a Battle requiring Speed can be won by a weaker Card against a stronger Card if the weaker Card has high-speed Stats than the stronger Card.

  • System Upgrade

Did you know that by simply upgrading your Superstar Card, you can significantly upgrade your character’s Vital Stats and consequently your chances of winning battles in a multiplayer scenario?

Well, it’s true! Use your unutilized superstar cards and upgrade cards to upgrade your superstar to unbeatable heights.

Rule of Thumb: Be extra careful with support cards. Be patient with them and ensure you know exactly when to use them. If you use them at the wrong time, they can prove detrimental to your deck.

  • Do not Forget about Training

The object of the game is to win as many battles as possible. To accomplish this, you need strong cards. Familiarize yourself with the art of strengthening a strong card further by combining it with a common card.

  • What about Tag Teams?

Tag Teams are tricky but if done right, they can be a gold mine. Study your deck carefully and ensure before you create a Tag Team you consider the core attributes including Chemistry, Weaknesses, Strengths, and Skills.

The best tag teams are made up of a combination of the same card.

  • Focus on Collecting All Classes of Cards

WWE Supercard combines different classes of cards including Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Very Rare, and the coveted Epic. While a Common Card is the most basic, it has its benefits while Epic is the epitome of the Card class. If you have cards in every class, you have a wide array of choices when presented with a battle, and higher chances of winning if you have a better card than your opponent.

Our WWE Supercard Hack Generator Tool is the fastest and easiest way to get all the cards you need for your battle.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the goal of the WWE Supercard is to have fun and interact with other gaming enthusiasts. We know you love gaming as much as we do and now, with our incredible WWE Supercard Generator, you can love it even more thanks to unlimited Credits.

We hope to see you out there in the battlefield. Also, feel free to share your thoughts and WWE Supercard Cheats so we can all have fun together. Happy Gaming!

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